Some time ago, I came across a very interesting article that spoke about a tomb that was found somewhere in the modern territory of Iran. The tomb was said to contain the body of the Magi Yaromir and was said to be over 12,000 years old. What is more fascinating, is that these sources also said that the Magi was not dead, but in deep sleep, the so called “anabiosis sleep”. Of course, as in all such cases, the informational war began. It was not the war between believers and non-believers, but rather the war between logical minds and researchers and the so called “trolls” (paid misinformants), who flooded the internet with disinformation. I searched and searched, and was able to find one article by Chudinov V.A., which I believe to be the closest to the truth. I will first provide the information from this article, then I will provide my own opinion on this matter.

In this article, Chudinov V.A. writes:

On the territory of Iran State (formerly Persia, even before Perunova Rus), people in friendly relationship towards Russia have found artifacts that can completely change the existing presentation about the history, the culture and technology of our Ancestors, the ancient Rusy, and create conditions for the unification of all Slavs under “one historical flag”. The above-mentioned artifacts were discovered by accident, when during the construction of the house, the builders had found an underground mausoleum that was built 10,000-12,000 years ago, with three sarcophagi. The first, contained five books made of the skin of animals. The second, contained the system of control and of psychophysical protection of the mausoleum, which has no modern day equivalent. The third, contained the imperishable (sleeping) body of the greatest spiritual hierarch in human history, the greatest priest in history with Slavic facial features.

As it turned out, the man is not a mummy, and is sleeping in a deep anabiosis sleep. This man can be awakened in order to make contact. The telepathic contact with him has already been established, his name is Rodomir. He is waiting to be awakened and is ready to assist our civilization in addressing crucial issues in the upcoming large cataclysms of the Earth. One of Moscow’s most famous mediums warned that if people with ill intentions will look at the sleeping man – they can die. Later it happened. Two of three workers, who entered the mausoleum and apparently had ill intentions, died on the spot of incomprehensible reasons to the people around them; the third one is in a deep coma and raves, he says that they were attacked by a huge snake.

Information about the place of the finds is kept in strict secret. The found books contain information not only about the culture and the past of the people of the Earth, but also the technology used by our Ancestors. Not far from the place of the find, a buried underground city with lots of books was found.

Such artifacts were always fabulously purchased for large sums of money by either the highest representatives of the rabbis or the Catholic Church, and the true information about such findings never reached the world community. In particular, the Israeli military, apparently, from the direction of the rabbis, want to organize a missile-bomb strike of the burial site, unless the finds are transferred to Israel.

Additionally, there was a video that was uploaded and called: Iraq 2002 The Sumerian Saint. Although the found man does not look like a Sumer. No one ever saw live Sumerians, specifically Sumerian Saints, for it is difficult to judge of their appearance by the depictions on stones and bricks, and even sculptures. But that a body was found specifically in Irag, and not Iran – I remember from the explanations given to me.

In conclusion. Every decade brings us more and more evidence of huge ancient Rusian culture. Nowadays, under the influence of Western propaganda, acting, including through the network of Russian-speaking internet hooligans, we are not yet fully able to realize all the greatness of the scope of this civilization, which is far superior to our modern. However, I hope that after a while, Russia will be able to get rid of this Western influence and, looking at this historical mirror, to achieve new heights in the field of contemporary Rusian culture.

The above, was the explanation of Chudinov V.A., which I found to be most informative out of all comments I was able to find on the subject. As I tried to decide of whether or not the news of this find had any truth to it, I chose to look at the small, “unimportant” details, which most misinformants and trolls tend to miss. It usually happens because of their line of work; these misinformants are told to keep certain keywords out of their posts and conversations, but are allowed to keep “everything else”. Because of that, most people tend to miss these important details, for they happen to be “right in front of our noses”.

First, I’d like to mention that nobody, on either side, denied the presence of golden books. While the content of these books may never become known to the world, the fact that golden books were present in the find by itself may prove that this find (this event) did happen. Throughout Slavic Heritage, it is said that most important cultural events were written on books made of precious metals, most often on gold and platinum. This was done for two reasons: one, gold is a metal that can withstand the test of time, it will not rust or lose its appearance; two, gold is the metal that accumulates psych energy, thus, the information found in golden books is read on two levels: the conscious level, and the subconscious one.

Second, I also like to note that no one denied the presence of books made of animal skin, which according to Slavic heritage also had been used by Slavic priests in the ancient past. I believe such books were created in the absence of precious metals, and were usually created from the skin of a foal. It was not because our Ancestors were barbarians and killed animals, but because they had no other way of preserving and passing on information to distant generations. Such books were called “Deep Books”, for, just as books of precious metals, they were created with ancient magics and passed on information in both the conscious and the subconscious way. The foal, who’s skin was used to make the pages of such book, was never “just killed”. A certain set of rituals was performed, in order to “advance” the Soul of such a foal, so he could be reborn in the next life as a human (a sort of a gratitude for his sacrifice).

Third, I noticed that almost no one denied the fact that gold was present and that several people died (although some say that they were not workers). Here is why this is important: gold, as a metal that accumulates psych energy, was never only used to make books. There are legends and tales in Slavic heritage, which speak of psych weapons made of pure gold and precious stones (and they were not made to be beautiful), such as a club. These legends and tales speak of very few warriors, who possessed the necessary skills to use such weapons, but when they used such weapons, the devastation was great: “… strikes – a street, … waves – a lane… “. Now imagine the psych force it would take to make a “street” of bodies (and according to tales, people felt lifeless) in a large attacking army, with just one wave. Because large amounts of gold were present in the tomb, yet, Slavs never used gold for trade (they mainly used silver); I believe gold present in the tomb was used as a psych weapon. This would definitely explain “people with ill intentions” dropping dead or going insane.

Such are the reasons, why I believe this find is genuine … the small things. I also believe that any find that may put the current (made-up) history at risk, is of danger to those in power, so if they cannot own it (and thus control it, or worse use it for own purposes), they would rather see it destroyed. Currently, and it’s no secret to anyone who’s awake, the “god’s chosen” are pulling all the strings. Do I believe this find to be 12,000 (or as old as 160,000) years old according to some sources? I say it doesn’t matter how old it is, as long as it shines some light on the Slavic heritage that has been lost to us. Look at the “Book of Veles”: just several wooden planks, no more than a biography today, but that book was able to bring so much into the Slavic heritage and culture we know today. Do I believe it to be possible for a body to stay alive for thousands of years without nourishment? Yes, that I do believe. Many times I’ve read of either a monk or a yoga practitioner, who was able to stay alive (and functioning) without food or water for years. If this can be done in our time, why can’t a High Priest go into a deep sleep for thousands of years? Remember, even Nicola Tesla confirmed that much of what is necessary for us can be obtained out of Ether (the substance that is ever-present and is all around us). It is difficult to believe, and I don’t know if I’d believe it today, but I had a conversation many years ago with an orthodox priest, who just “blew my mind”. This also proves that it does not matter which religion a spiritual or an awakened mind belongs to, such individual will always find a common language with a representative of any other religion. This priest told me of a tale, a true tale, which was told to him by his teacher, who witnessed it himself. This happened during WWII (World War II) in Kiev, Ukraine. Several German officers went through the catacombs and found the body of a “bogatyr” (Slavic Warrior), who died many centuries ago. Yet, the body looked as if he died today, not even yesterday (could also be another tale of the deep anabiosis sleep). The German officer took out his gun, and struck the arm of the Warrior. The arm began to bleed, as if the Warrior was still alive. The German officers became so frightened, that they ran out of the catacombs. Now why would a Slavic Orthodox Priest not only make up such a story, but also tell it to his apprentice? Maybe that body was never buried or burned (a ritual of Kroda that was still widely used in the time of “bogatyri”) because that Warrior never died, but, as Rodomir, went into a deep sleep in order to wake up centuries … or even millennia later. In this world, anything we can imagine is possible. Slava!

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